Wednesday, April 27, 2011

These cupcakes were for a sundae themed birthday party. They turned out so much better than expected!

This was soooo cute! Little M&M flowers.

This is a pine wood derby car and the cake I modeled it after! It looked so real that the mom thought I used the real car and was surprised because I told her I would make a copy! LOVE THAT!

This is my moose Clarence ! I love
the texture of the waterfall. Too
pretty to eat. When I delivered it we just
stared for a half hour.

I did this cake in butter cream with a 3 day notice. Quick cakes aren't a problem for me. The couple loved it so much that they used it for their background for their ring pictures. The flowers are felt.

This sports themed cake was so cool! The balls are made with rice crispy's and the score board is
personalized with the boys name, age and the timer
is the date of the party! So fun!!!

Triple layer chocolate cake in the shape of a heart!
Lots of edible sprinkles and really bright red!

A little 8 year old girl had a big baptism party. This looks just like her (well, she's blond).

This Hogwarts cake from Harry Potter was awesome before...then we added all the characters and boy were we excited! The lake is made choppy from jell-o that I half gelled then chopped up before pouring it into a hole in the cake.

This is one of my best ever!!! Black Beauty cake with the fence and clouds around it. GENIUS!

This was for a "GREAT TO BE 8" baptism party.

Double birthday, double cakes!

This Ms. Pacman cake was for a retro 80's birthday. My 9 year old daughter did the boarder! I was quite proud. Totally Awesome Dude!

This wedding cake is fondant covered with fake roses, but the stenciling is real! I used red dye and a stencil as a wrap-around decoration, opposite the red flowers. The top layer was rainbow chip cake! What a gorgeous cake!

The mom didn't know the gender of her baby until she cut into this cake! It was pink! She was so excited and it was hard not to ruin the surprise. The little babies and their blankies are fondant/gumpaste blend and the rest is buttercream frosting!

This cake was simple and sensational! The trendy Quicksilver brand cake!
This ultra modern cake was so fun to make. The circles are silver and royal blue, dyed to match the ribbon. The cake was 3 different flavors, red velvet, chocolate and white. Yummy!

This sweet cake has jelly bean flowers and boarder, and the colors and tones remind me of the old 50's era cards and fabric colors. I had an old doll with these same colors of dress and hair. Pretty nostalgic for me!
Beautiful cake for a beautiful summer wedding. White with raspberry filling for one layer, chocolate with chocolate filling for the other.

I made this Scooby Doo Mystery Machine for a Scooby themed birthday party. This was the hit of the day! Chocolate fudge cake for 20!